About Us

Sahara Credit Cooperative Society Limited is one of the largest Multi-State Credit Cooperative Society initially promoted by karyakartas of Sahara India Pariwar registered with Central Registrar of Cooperative Societies, under Ministry of Agriculture in the year 2010.The Society has its wide area of operation spread over 22 States and Union territories of Republic of India. The Society works with an object to facilitate functioning of Society based on self help and mutual aid.

The Society is working through more than 4700+ authorized centres with more than 125 administrative offices. The Society has its access and operations in far-flung areas and interiors where banking services are still not available.


  • To promote saving habits amongst its members.
  • To arrange specialized training for its employees, members and cooperative educators.
  • To promote social and economic betterment of members through self-help and mutual aid in accordance with co-operative principal specified in the first schedule of the Act.
  • To raise fund for business of the society & accept grants, subsidies, assistance and concessions from internal and external sources subject to any law for the time being in force.
  • The advance loan to its members.

  • To promote savings habits among members and to encourage Society to save and re-invest to enhance their standards of living.
  • Our Society aims at protecting the interest of members through self help and mutual aid in accordance with schedule I of the MSCS Act, 2002.
  • To accept deposits and advance loans and receive grants subject to the restrictions mentioned under section 67 of the MSCS Act, 2002.
  • To promote subsidiary institutions registered under the Act for the purpose of furtherance of the Act.
  • To undertake consultancy work for promotion of co-operative sector
  • To provide training programmes for existing members and Society in general in order to provide information and awareness about the Co-Operative sector.
  • And many more.......

The Society is engaged in serving to its Crores of Members through various Social activities like education, hospitality, free medicines, planting of trees, mobile health units (MHU), supply of fresh drinking water etc. through VEDAS, a social wing of the society, for Welfare of our members and providing necessary Social and Financial help. The financial help is being done through giving them small-small loans for promoting small businesses and for their initial urgent needs and making them self dependent. Society through its Social wing (VEDAS and SWF) doing Social help to its members like marriages of more than 100 boys and girls of poor families every year. Moreover society is distributing free medical supports to rural parts of India to ease the medical facilities to its members. Society is also planning to enter into “Swach Bharat Abhiyaan” to make India clean which is the prime project of our Hon’ble Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi.

VEDAS is functioning for the welfare of mankind with services like below

  • Adoption of Villages: More than 1000 villages has been adopted in 7 states, covering 4,50,000 households and touching the lives of 25 Lac peoples.
  • Skill Development Training (SAKSHAM): Under this activity VEDAS is providing skill development training to the residents of villages and giving them training for making them self-dependent.
  • Joyful Education: The “Sarva Siksha Abhiyaan” scheme of government is not completely reaching to the children of villages and VEDAS is trying to do good ground work in providing joyful education.
  • Rural Power Facility: VEDAS is providing solar lanterns for lightening the rural areas of India where there is a dream of light.
  • Agriculture Yield: VEDAS is giving farming helps to farmers for increasing the yield and growth of farmers.

Hence, our society is involved in CSR activities and giving ultimate support to our members and to general mankind.

The Society is addressing the complaints and accepting suggestions from its members, which is available through toll free 24X7 calling system. Hence, the Society is working for the weaker sections and to achieve the principles of Cooperative movement for better tomorrow of our beloved Country.