Our Society offers various deposit schemes designed to make your money work for you. Our deposit plans give you the ideal combination of high returns at competitive interest rates and financial security. Long-term investors can lock in funds for consistent returns while short-term investors can utilise products that offer good returns while maintaining liquidity. The Society after taking into consideration market conditions, government policies, regulatory and other compliances etc. issues from time to time various deposits schemes which vary on the basis of time as well as amount of deposit required to be deposited with the Society.

To ensure that the Society gives its members adequate returns, the Society carries on various statistical, mathematical, analytical and other scientific techniques into account as well as all the variable factors into account which may directly or indirectly affect the market rate of returns. Therefore, the investors should be confident that their hard-earned savings are in safe hands.

  • To promote savings habits among members and to encourage Society to save and re-invest to enhance their standards of living.
  • Our Society aims at protecting the interest of members through self help and mutual aid in accordance with schedule I of the MSCS Act, 2002.
  • To accept deposits and advance loans and receive grants subject to the restrictions mentioned under section 67 of the MSCS Act, 2002.
  • To promote subsidiary institutions registered under the Act for the purpose of furtherance of the Act.
  • To undertake consultancy work for promotion of co-operative sector
  • To provide training programmes for existing members and Society in general in order to provide information and awareness about the Co-Operative sector.
  • And many more.......